Black Friday Sales. That is the moment I have been waiting for. Since this black Friday will give me any discount in sales, not only in the mart but also in the market of stock and Forex. In Asia, black Friday has come true, many stock was falling in deep and many stock was discounted.

Not only in stock market or Forex. Laptop was chased in this black Fridays, offered in $197 for Hewlett-Packard laptop and also in fashion you may get the cheapest of your favorite clothes.

According to Consulting firm Accenture which predicts that about 52 % of American consumers has plan to got to stores on that day and up from 42 % percent last year. By Sunday, 134 million people are likely to have gone shopping, according to the National Retail Federation, a trade group, up nearly 5 percent over last year.

Hoping They are going to stock market also to buy stock that cheaper and cheaper this day. Yes.. Black Friday for sales, stock market, Forex, Electronic, Suplies and others.