The recent study toward GHGP or Growth Hormone Releasing Hexapeptide is not really satisfying. It is because somehow the result of the studies which are conducted by different organization in the same time shows different result and then those results are also different from the previous result. Furthermore, experiment which was conducted to a rat, the result is also different with experiment in human.

Well, the main cause of this problem is actually because of the lack of knowledge and experiment toward this hormone. Generally, this hormone is supposed to be growth hormone which enables people to strength their muscle or helps people dealing with their diet program. However, the Continuous Hormonal infusion which are conducted in both rat and human haven’t provided the expert the satisfied outcomes yet, so surely, though the needs of this hormone is actually urgent but they are not recommended to be used. As far, what the expert found toward the effect of Hormonal infusion which is conducted continuously is that there is a GH response toward GHGP and also increasing the spontaneous GH pulses.

Fortunately, this confusion doesn’t become the reason for those experts to quit; instead it becomes the motivator for them to do more experiments to find the best outcomes.