We know that global warming is a hot issue today. It is a serious one that needs more concerns from all people in the world. All people should care about it and do something to reduce or only prevent it to worsen; because we all certainly want this earth is still exist till many more generations after us.

This article is the one that should be read by all people especially the ones who have newly born baby. Having a baby; we know it, may also be something that contributes more to global warming worsen. Why? It is because of the more wastes that are subconsciously thrown when everyone having a baby. The wastes are from the baby needs such as diaper, wipe, tissue, wet tissue, etc. The newly born baby is also the one who grow fast in her first months so that she usually have many unfit clothes for her much bigger body growth.

The whole problems are known well by the writer and then some tips to go green while having baby is written. It is good for all people who have a newly born baby to have more participation in global warming risk decreasing. From the small thing you may have a great role in preparing beautiful earth for your next generation.