Any discussion about Trading Methodology in a forum. It is said :

"I found from couple of months trading is that mechanical systems do not fit my personality very well. I like the objectivity of mechanical system, but I feel that mechanical systems takes me away from the market psychology. If I stare at a naked chart long enough, I will see fear, greed, overconfidence, defeat, etc. in the chart. Try it, and you'll see what I'm talking about. Market psychology is so evident on the chart is almost scary. And I feel that indicators, especially on chart indicators takes you away from this very important information.

So I decided to go with candlestick charting. I finally admit that price action is definitely the most powerful trading method. If you have been with James16 group, you know that it's effective. Candlesticks is the same exact thing except it's visually clear. I've actually have read about candlesticks before, but since I was a newbie, price action was a little bit too subjective for me.

So I have made a transition from purely mechanical to semi mechanical. Price action is not 100% subjective. If I practice it long enough, it will become easy for me."

So.. what about your trading methodology style ..? Please to be shared here.