This afternoon, my mobile was ringing. It was my friend gave me a news about volume break stock. It must be "saham gorengan" hehehe... Sometimes this kind of stock is delicious, just if we know their behavior. :)

Using one of Amibroker Formula Language in amibroker, I tried to search what stock was breaking volume as reference to day trade next week, at least on monday. I found some stocks was breaking volume. Two of them are ADRO and BKSL (Bukit Sentul). Check them out on this figure below.

Day Trading - Volume Break

and this is BKSL (Bukit Sentul) chart. Where BKSL (Bukit Sentul) will go ..? Absoultely I know the answer... It must be go up or go down. :)) Sory I never think tobe God.

From BKSL (Bukit Sentul) chart above, I just to give an additional info that I don't show on the chart. One lower point of PSAR appears so just wait for 2 points more to confirm the short trend of BKSL
(Bukit Sentul).

I hope you do understand what I write hehehehe.... Risk of Day Trading is always at yours. So think twice to use information on this blog silly trader.