One of my friend ask me how to activate amibroker, one of trading software. This step is to show step by step to activate your amibroker software using crack. Here it is :

  1. Unzip / Extract file. There are two files and put them in the amibroker folder. You may remind by system that It would overwrite the previous files. Just click Yes.
  2. Click broker.exe to open Amibroker. Then create new database as local database to store your data which is able tobe downloaded from yahoo finance.
  3. Create New Database. Just replace the word under blue line with your new database name. Then Click Create. After that choose your data source as local database then click OK to finish.
  4. Before download data from yahoo finance. Just download this file (368 BEI Tickers.doc). Don't forget after you download that file, change the extension DOC -> TLS. So Your file name will be "368 BEI Tickers.tls" . Put that file in amiquote folder (Program file -> Amibroker -> Amiquotes).
  5. Now.. you can download for your database by double click that file. You can also download from pull down menu in amibroker software. Tools -> Auto -Update (Amiqoutes Only)
Hope this guidance can make you activate easily. Just write your comment please...!


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