It was surprised to know that my superior want to make money online from index trading in Hangseng. In several small talks, he asked to teach him about how to make money online from Hangseng Index Trading. Actually, I'm not the expert one to teach about his request because I have just traded for 1 year in stock market only. Even the way to trader is not different in some way, but I did appologized to teach him.

Yes.. I am worried that what I will teach will make him bankrupt since I am not the expert one. But I suggest him to make money online from stock market in BEI first before jump to the Hangseng Index Trading.

Sorry boss... I hope you do understand about thi. It is not easy to make money from trading in stock market or index hangseng even we have knowledge about it at all. The psychological have a big contribute success in trading so just prepare first about trading mind. It is wiser than just jump to the crowd without preparation.