Just like the land-based business, the internet business is also use a marketing method to introduce their website to customers. Searching engine is a method that is used to give easiness for visitors to find the desirable website; on the other hand, it becomes one type of marketing method. The searching engine becomes a vital way for webmaster to grab customers, that is why they are competing to get the high rank on the searching engine page. Getting a high rank is not an easy thing to do; the fact shows that the companies that have a high rank will get more traffic that put them in a stronger position, while the low rank companies will always stay on the bottom rank. Now day, the web directory becomes the ultimate way that able to replace searching engine. It gives result that is more accurate to the visitors and effective marketing strategy for webmaster.

Business web directory gives so many advantages to webmaster. Since web directory is listing websites base on the category, visitors can easily find the accurate website they need. If the webmaster is submitting their directory to more than one web directory service, they automatically get higher opportunity to be visited. The second advantage is related to rank, if in the searching engine they are seem to be effortless on rising the rank, by using web directory, they can easily rise their rank by submitting as many directories as they can. Another advantages is related to information, the web directory will provide the visitors more information and it makes visitors can easily contact the webmaster.

If we are a webmaster who wants to get many visitors, we can use this web directory method. There are so many free web directories like DMOZ , Jasmine Directory, or Yahoo directory. The submitting process to free web directory is also very easy, we only need to visit the website and submit our website.