It is important for us to catch visitors’ attention on the trade show exhibition because every visitor can be our potential customer. Attractive booth can be one of the magnets for visitors. Therefore, we need to have well preparation to create interesting booth. On the preparation, we can include budget, area, decoration, product, and of course theme. Theme is the important thing for a booth because it will influence the whole look of a booth.

Of course, on choosing the theme, we should choose one theme that related to our company or products. The simplest theme idea can be taken form our company logo. We can take one color from our logo and make it as a whole theme of our exhibit booths. We can also use big trade show displays that completed with the same color and company logo.

Even though mat seems like unimportant accessories, but it has vital role to welcome the visitors. Therefore, it will be better if we complete our booth with logo floor mats. Besides theme from our logo, we can also choose the theme of our recent products. It will be so helpful if we have our own unique truss because truss will give different look on our booth.