It has been long long time I have not updated this blog anymore since I was so busy with my work. I have no activity a lot also in my stock investment. Just following what all of my friend discussed on email. However, I try to update my yahoo finance data for every single stock I invest in to just pay a little attention what chart would say for tomorrow and hoping there would be a signal for trading ala HB - Hajar Bleh.

This week, even I have not got a signal for trading I bought BUMI and being a fast scalper to collect a penny of dollar for living :). It has been a surprise that BUMI was falling down react to global market. But this morning I checked on my mobile, BUMI jumped in opening to 4.5% - 2250. Hope will close upto 2300 :)

Ok.. that is a short story on my stock investment this week. See U in another old style office blog trader's investment story.