Greed and fear is what makes the market move and the real player in the stock market. Players are like Institutional managers, stockbrokers, traders, investors and also yourself have these two emotions that drive force when trading in the stock market.

You may talk to yourself that greed and fear will be never in your way of trading, but believe it or not these emotion will appears once your finger want to make a online transaction whether click to buy or click to sell. These emotions of greed and fear are not something to be ashamed but something real you have to face to face with and admit to that they are around you.

What kind of greed and fear look like in the stock market ?

It is supposed you have analyze and watch a particular stock for some period of time. It has set up perfectly, so you pull the trigger. Then base on your analyze skill you bought a stock at the perfect price and now waiting it is moving higher and higher just as you thought it would.

On this moment greed steps up to the plate and tell you something through your subconscious mind, this stock price is going to be a rocket stock. Then you buy some more shares. On this situation Greed tells you again that this stock is going higher tomorrow so you hang on.

Search for tradingWhen stocks make strong moves to the upside greed from all the cumulative market participants joins the move. Don’t forget that stock prices usually fall faster then they go up, and when this happens, fear now steps up to the plate.

Lets look at the example above, where your stock went through your get out price and you held on because greed was by your side. The next morning the stock price gaps down. Their is heavy selling all morning long. Greed is telling you to hang in there the price will come back. The price keeps going down, now you get a knot in your gut, and your knuckles are turning white. Fear is now by your side, but by now it is to late, your nice profit has turned into a loss.

Everyone goes through this until they have mastered the ugly faces of greed and fear. Master this and you are well on your way to becoming a successful stock trader.

Hope you get it now what “Greed and fear is what makes the markets move”.