Trading Simulator's are an easy way to begin trading market's without the risk of losing your hard earned capital. By opening a online demo trading account, a trading simulator allows you to perfect order entry and exits all while learning the personality of the market you are trading. I personally urge you to review all trades you have done on a daily basis and diligently keep a trading journal. Some trading simulator's have the ability to replay market data, which allows a trader to review the market's action and learn from trading mistakes that were made. The advantage of this is that you can speed up, slow down, rewind and learn.
When you have become comfortable with your trading using the Trading Simulator your next step should be to fund an account and start small using real money. You will want to have a brokerage that has excellent human support in case you run into a problem trading. Remember you can make all the mistakes you want trading on a simulator but when it comes to trading with real money it can cost you! Never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Utilizing a Futures or Forex Day Trading Simulator will help a trading simulate the mechanics of Day Trading. A trading simulator will allow a person to enter a market order to buy or sell. A trading simulator will allow a trader to practice stop orders or limit orders. A trader can even practice less used orders like OCOs, MITs, and SCOs on a Trading Simulator. Traders can practice cancel-replacing orders on the trading simulator. The trading simulator will also allow a trader to practice how to cancel an order outright. One of the nicest features with using a demo account is one click trading to place, amend or cance orders. Most Trading Simulators will have a demo account feature that will allow you to track money you make or lose. You might try Trading Simulator on, one the best stock trading simulator